Applied Groundwater Science and Engineering Solutions

Wells & Pump Stations

City of Mountain View

LSCE provided design and construction inspection services for the construction of the two most recent wells installed by the City of Mountain View. LSCE conducted a siting study in which candidate sites  […]

California Water Service Company

LSCE has provided a wide range of hydrogeologic and engineering services to Cal Water since 1996. LSCE has provided Cal Water with hydrogeologic and engineering services for well projects in their Chico,  […]

City of Merced

LSCE has provided a wide range of services to the City of Merced since the 1980s including groundwater investigations, well and pump station design and construction oversight, and well rehabilitation and  […]

Marina Coast Water District

LSCE conducted design and well construction services for Marina Coast Water District’s Watkins Gate Municipal Supply Well project in the East Garrison area of the former Fort Ord. The work conducted  […]

San Jose Water Company

LSCE has provided hydrologic and engineering services to a major utility in the southern portion of the Bay Area since the early 1980s and continues to provide it with a wide spectrum of groundwater-related  […]