Applied Groundwater Science and Engineering Solutions

Treatment, Storage, & Distribution


LSCE provides full-service engineering planning, design and construction management for new or retrofit water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution facilities for small to large investor-owned or public municipal water systems. LSCE’s approach to planning and design emphasizes efficiency and long-term reliability at the lowest life-cycle cost using proven and service-oriented technologies. Our approach to retrofit design starts by establishing the design basis for the expansion, identifying hidden capacity in the existing system, and then developing the improvements that result in the overall, most cost-effective water plant expansion.

The planning, design and construction management services LSCE provides includes:

  • Well pump stations and well head treatment (including arsenic, hexavalent chromium, TDS/salinity, nitrate, organic constituents, and iron and manganese removal systems)
  • Groundwater and surface water treatment
  • Disinfection systems (including chlorination, chloramination, and UV treatment)
  • Fluoridation system
  • Water storage tanks and reservoirs
  • Water distribution and booster pump stations
  • Distribution system hydraulic modeling and analysis
  • Water master planning services
  • Permitting assistance (including managing preparation of related CEQA, stormwater pollution prevention plans, California Department of Public Health water supply permits)
  • Pilot testing and feasibility studies

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