Our Company


Our History

Founded in 1980 1980

Our heritage runs deep. Founded in 1980, both founding partners, Eugene E. Luhdorff Jr. and Joseph C. Scalmanini, received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by the Groundwater Resources Association of California (GRA). This award is presented to individuals who are pioneers in their field of expertise and demonstrate exemplary contributions to the groundwater industry. The firm’s past president (2012–2022), Vicki Kretsinger Grabert, was GRA’s founding president (1992–1993), served on its board of directors until 2014, and continues to serve as an Emeritus Director.

Always Tracking

For Your Benefit

We continue to pioneer new approaches and methodologies. We track the latest state and federal legislative and regulatory developments pertaining to water issues for our clients’ benefit.


Over 40 Years

Now entering our fifth decade, we continue with a commitment to lasting relationships, professionalism, and leadership among groundwater professionals in California.

We Are


We have a wealth of licensed professionals with diverse backgrounds. Our strong internal mentorship ensures personal and professional growth of our employees for our clients’ benefit.


We Are Committed To

Lasting Relationships

Many of our clients have been with us for over 10, 20, and 30 years. This is our biggest honor and a testament to our clients’ satisfaction.


Thoughtful scoping with the interests of our clients in mind, commitment to budget, proactive communication and always highly responsive to our clients’ needs. These are but a few of our trademarks.


We extend our expertise to advancing our profession. We regularly review professional manuscripts and white papers, help plan conferences and other events, present the results of our work, and contribute to meaningful discussions of contemporary groundwater issues and evolving regulatory policies.