Staff Hydrogeologist

Woodland, CA

Job Description and Responsibilities:

We seek a motivated and versatile Staff Hydrogeologist to join our team of water resources and engineering professionals. The Staff Hydrogeologist will work in a high-paced setting on a variety of projects relating to groundwater resources evaluation, development, and management. The Staff Hydrogeologist will work closely with multiple project managers and staff to provide expertise in groundwater modeling and statistics, data interpretation and analysis, GIS spatial analysis, and report writing.


Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

  • Working with various types of hydrologic, engineering, and hydrogeologic data
  • Working in small groups with a project manager
  • Participates in permitting and environmental review functions related to groundwater issues and development of water supply projects.
  • Record data and assist in technical presentation of results; prepare reports, tables, graphs, charts, and hydrogeologic-related maps.
  • Ensuring that projects and tasks are designed and conducted in accordance with applicable regulations, guidance, or client-specified requirements.
  • Provide field and office support on a variety of water resources projects
  • Data collection, processing, analysis, and interpretation including:

·  Familiarity with on-line sources of hydrologic, hydrogeologic, and geologic data and documents

·  Familiarity with field groundwater level and quality data collection methods

·  Geologic and hydrogeologic cross-section development utilizing geologic and geophysical data

·  Collection of geologic samples from drilling operations, description and analysis

·  Geospatial and geostatistical analysis

·  Interpretation of subsurface aquifer conditions

·  Development of water budgets and conceptual models

  • Hydrographs and other graphic presentation of hydrogeologic data
  • Learn to develop and calibrate models ranging from analytical to complex transient, basin-scale numerical flow and solute transport, process model input and output data, and develop and run predictive scenarios
  • Aquifer test data collection and analysis

Required Qualifications

  • Graduate in Geology, Hydrogeology, or Geosciences with geology coursework sufficient to become licensed in California
  • Strong foundation in geology and hydrogeology concepts
    Careful attention to detail, accuracy, and consistency along with critical thinking skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with others
  • Ability to manage competing priorities and deadlines.

Salary & Benefits

LSCE offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. Salary will be dependent upon qualifications and experience; LSCE benefits include health, dental, and retirement plans.


Please submit resumes through the website or mail to

HR Manager, LSCE

500 First Street

Woodland, CA 95695

About LSCE

LSCE is a recognized leader in groundwater resources investigation, planning, development, use, protection, and management.  LSCE’s multi-disciplinary staff of engineers, geologists, hydrologists, and hydrogeologists apply scientific methods and develop forward-thinking engineering solutions to today’s complex water resources problems. The firm was founded in 1980 and currently has offices located in Woodland, Oakland, Chico, and Fresno, California. LSCE has more than 45 experienced professionals with expertise in all aspects of groundwater ranging from groundwater resource evaluation, development, and management, hydrogeologic modeling, well and pump station design and construction, and other groundwater-related services. Additional information about LSCE can be found online at