Applied Groundwater Science and Engineering Solutions

Treatment, Storage, & Distribution

Citrus Heights Water District – Mitchell Farms and Bonita Drive Wells and Pumping Station

LSCE provided services for the installation of two deep wells and the construction of two pumping stations. The new pipeline replaced the existing, undersized 8-inch main line under a heavily trafficked  […]

Dublin San Ramon Services District Wastewater Treatment Facilities

LSCE has performed multiple tasks regarding water quality characterization and water level monitoring surrounding the Dublin San Ramon Services District wastewater facilities in Pleasanton, California.  […]

Beltz Well No 12 Treatment Plant and Site Improvements, City of Santa Cruz

LSCE designed a 500 gpm well pump station that included iron and manganese removal, reclaimed water storage, onsite chlorine generation and site improvements for the City of Santa Cruz. LSCE provided preliminary  […]

Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District – Newport Drive and Willow Lake Water Treatment Plan

LSCE provided services for the Newport Drive and Willow Lake water treatment plants which supply treated groundwater to the Town of Discovery Bay. LSCE developed the complete design of all WTP facilities  […]

Regional Intertie Project, Del Oro Water Company

LSCE provided design and technical assistance services during construction for a conveyance project to transport treated water from Lake Oroville to the upper ridge area of Lime Saddle District of Del  […]