Applied Groundwater Science and Engineering Solutions

Groundwater Resources


1Groundwater resources evaluation, development, and management are central to everything we do. Our highly skilled team of scientists and engineers integrates scientific method and forward-thinking engineering in providing a broad range of services in the evaluation, development, and management of groundwater resources. LSCE professional staff consider an array of factors affecting groundwater, including local and regional geologic and hydrogeologic conditions, groundwater and surface water interaction, water quality, natural and artificial recharge, legal considerations, and institutional and regulatory constraints.


The services LSCE provides include:

  • Sustainable Groundwater Management Act compliance and Groundwater Sustainability Plan development
  • Conjunctive use program planning, development, and implementation
  • Artificial recharge (ASR, in lieu recharge, surface recharge) and water banking program planning, development and implementation
  • Coastal aquifer system delineation and seawater intrusion management
  • Analysis of surface water/groundwater interaction
  • Local to regional groundwater conceptual model development and safe yield analysis
  • Groundwater recharge area mapping
  • Water balance or budget analyses
  • Spatial analysis of land use, hydrogeologic parameters, and environmental factors using geographic information system (GIS)
  • Aquifer test design and implementation
  • Groundwater monitoring plan development, data collection and management, and reporting
  • Groundwater flow and transport modeling
  • Land subsidence data collection and interpretation
  • Water planning and protection document preparation (water master plans, water supply assessments, integrated groundwater management, salt and nutrient management, etc.)
  • Groundwater substitution and water transfer program development, monitoring, and management
  • Peer review, technical testimony, and legal support services
  • Deep well injection feasibility, design, and permitting (EPA Class I waste disposal)
  • CEQA and NEPA impact analysis, mitigation development, and technical supportDCP_0485