Applied Groundwater Science and Engineering Solutions

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Conjunctive Use Project

LSCE is currently working on the implementation of a basin-wide conjunctive use program that involves evaluating the impacts of the program using data collected from a basin-wide groundwater monitoring program.  LSCE has worked for the SFPUC continuously since the early 2000s providing a wide range of groundwater resource characterization, management, planning, and development services.  Specific examples are characterization of basin groundwater conditions, preparation of a groundwater management plan for the northern portion of the Westside Basin, development of a basin-wide conjunctive use groundwater management program that takes advantage of vacated aquifer storage space to store groundwater for dry year supply using in-lieu recharge.  This work has also involved the design and construction of both production wells to develop groundwater resources in the northern portion of the Basin and monitoring wells to monitor coastal groundwater conditions and interaction between surface and groundwater in the vicinity of Lake Merced.

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